Features and Benefits

As a leader in the fleet fueling industry, Global-Fleet Fuel Card continually explores ways to provide our clients’ businesses the most advanced program solutions available.

The Global-Fleet Gas Card offers flexible and unique features that make it a powerful fleet fuel and maintenance purchasing tool that can be customized fleets of any size.


Program Overview

Fleet administrators, key managers and financial officers are in control through the online web-based tools which provide direct access to manage fuel credit cards, make adjustments to spending parameters or pull fleet and invoice reports. Our program provides both hard and soft card parameters.

Now, with national acceptance at nearly all fueling locations, your company will never have acceptance issues as incurred by other gas credit card programs. The Global-Fleet Fuel Card gives you control – manage the driver or the vehicle, track spending patterns, limit/restrict fuel card purchases and much more!



  • Driver ID & odometer prompting
  • Fuel only card or fuel maintenance option
  • Flexible billing and payment options
  • Flexible card controls and reporting options
  • Ability to limit transactions per day and/or time of day
  • Exception monitoring reporting
  • Online account access for reporting and account maintenance
  • Customer service available 24/7
  • Options for tax exempt qualified organizations
  • Convenience – National acceptance at all major brand fueling sites including truck stops in the US and acceptance at all ESSO stations in Canada

Card Controls

The Global-Fleet Fuel Card is the superior card for managing your fleet purchasing needs. Our cards are customizable and you determine the level of desired reporting and controlled spending limits on a card-by-card basis.

Exception Monitoring and Purchase Alerts

  • Time (hours, days, days not allowed)
  • Location/states
  • Cost per transaction/number of transactions per day
  • Fuel type/grade
  • Price per gallon
  • Gallons per month/per transaction

Authorization Prompts Available at Point of Sale

  • Driver ID and odometer

Controlled Purchasing

  • Fuel Only
  • Fuel & Maintenance

Reporting Options Include

Whether you’re tracking expenses for hundreds of vehicles or a handful, our online reporting provides information you can act on, the way you need it – useful, flexible, powerful.

Stop sorting through cash receipts and reimbursing drivers with our detailed reporting. Put an end to filing and paperwork storage when you view, print and save reports in PDF format. Even easier, our system stores 13 months of past reports for you.

Standard Reports compile information on all purchases made with the Global-Fleet Fuel Card and include Purchase Activity Report, Exception Summary, Financial Summary and Site Summary.

Purchase Activity Report – Sorted by date, this report provides all the information you need for each vehicle’s transactions at a glance:

  • Date, time and location of transaction
  • Cost per unit
  • Driver name
  • Product code
  • Odometer
  • Exceptions to purchase policies flagged by type
  • Cost categorized by Fuel, Service and Other
  • Period and year-to-date totals
  • Number of units/gallons purchased
  • Period and year-to-date averages for miles per gallon, price per gallon and cost per mile

Exception Summary – Easily track and enforce your purchase policies. This summary lists all the exception codes flagged on the Purchase Activity Report in one place. Plus, you’ll see a listing of cards not used for the period.

Financial Summary – Let our program do the accounting for you. This report shows total costs for the period and year-to-date, including fuel, Service and Other purchases by product type and ancillary fees. Purchases and fees are sorted by department, if applicable. Plus, an accounts payable summary duplicates the totals on the invoice so both documents can be reconciled easily.

Site Summary – This reporting tool lists the name and address information, along with the total purchase cost categorized by Fuel, Service and Other, for each location at which purchases were made during the period.


Flexible Billing and Payment Options

  • Flexible payment terms including monthly
  • Online bill payment set up with access to Global-Fleet tools
  • Payment acceptance by check, wire, ACH or direct debit
  • Reports can be sent to one or more business unit levels within the company
  • Payments received from one or more levels within the company do not have to be the business unit that received the reports
  • Reports and payments can be sent by ACH transmission.
  • Payments sent can be a combination of ACH transmission and checks
Fleet Online

The Global-Fleet Fuel Card comes with superior customer access and support. In addition to offering customer service 24 hours/7 days per week, our clients have direct access to their Global-Fleet account via the web to perform account management functions.

Global-Fleet Tools puts you in direct control:

  • Easy account maintenance – Add, change and delete vehicles and drivers immediately with just a few clicks. Plus, you have the choice to order new cards with expedited delivery.
  • Fast access to invoices and scheduling payment – View, print and pay invoices immediately after the close of the billing cycle – even schedule payments for a future date.
  • Standard Reports are available in PDF format to view, print or save, so you can eliminate receiving paper reports by mail. For your convenience, our system stores 13 months of past reports for you.
  • Custom Reports make it easy for you to access the information you need, the way you need it. You choose from a list of reports you have already created and saved or create a new report by entering your parameters. The results can be easily downloaded into your own spreadsheet or database program.
  • Purchase Alerts allow you to keep drivers on schedule, while staying alert to possible problems. You’ll receive an email when a transaction falls outside your purchase guidelines so you can decide if any action is required.
  • Custom Control Card and online Profile Manager work together to help support your purchasing policy. Profiles can help to limit the card’s purchasing ability. You can fine-tune your cards by vehicle and driver purchasing needs. For example, you may need a card profile for a sales force driving sedans on business days and another card profile for a delivery unit driving step vans seven days a week. Additional terms apply. Enforcement of some limits depends on merchant’s systems and participation.