Tax Exempt Fleets

Global-Fleet Fuel Card offers comprehensive solutions for both government and commercial fleets that may qualify for fuel tax exemptions.

If your fleet qualifies for exemption from excise, sales or special fuel taxes — at federal, state, county or city levels — the Global-Fleet Fuel Card can significantly reduce your accounting and administrative time.

With our unique Tax Exempt Program, qualified tax exempt fleets are:

  • Billed net of tax on applicable fuel purchases
  • Provided with full reporting of the purchase data and tax exemption State, County, City Fuel Taxes

Exemptions are dependent upon fuel type, the taxing jurisdiction’s regulations and requirements, and merchant participation. In the event that a transaction cannot be billed “net of tax”, you will receive detailed reporting showing the full purchase price and the tax paid.


For your convenience, your monthly report package provides tax information at both the transaction level and at the summary level. All tax exemptions that can be applied to your account under our program will be included in your report. The result is a new level of convenience and fleet management efficiency. Additional terms and conditions may apply.