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For companies and fleet managers alike that want a better way to monitor fleet’s operating expenses, there is a solution: a fuel card program. There’s some added benefits fleet managers just can’t get when using a basic credit or debit card. Here are four important benefits a fuel card program can provide to your business as told by current global-fleet customers:

Prevent unauthorized purchases: A staggering study found that 18 percent of fleet managers have experienced fraud or misuse. No longer do fleet managers have to worry about extra fill-ups, late night convenience store runs or after hours charges. Fleet fuel cards prevent unauthorized purchases through controls and exception reporting and fleet managers can easily track and enforce company purchasing policies with customizable alerts.

Todd Svoboda, from TD Tribe Trucking, says fleet cards allow him to make sure his employees are following company policies. “I can keep tabs on my drivers and make sure they’re doing what they’re supposed to be doing,” says Svoboda.

Keep track of expenses: Fleet managers can better track all expenses incurred as part of their fleet operations. Hunting down fleet receipts will become a distant memory. Through online spending profiles, fleet managers are able to monitor and track spending, all in real-time.

“One of the benefits is that each department can be allocated their own card, and purchases on that card are charged directly to that department. Reporting is now a breeze,” says Bob Federico, Estate Motors, Inc. (Find out why Mercedes Benz chose global-fleet as their premier dealership fuel card program.)

Whether you’re tracking expenses for hundreds of vehicles or a handful, online reporting provides information fleet managers can act on. Online management tools allows for customization and reporting automation – which cuts down significantly on a company’s administrative work with daily, weekly or monthly automated reports.

Refuel anytime, anywhere: “Our cards speed up the process of fueling up and we no longer have any hassles searching for accepting locations,” says Troy Downs from Downs Enterprises, LLC. With universal acceptance, drivers never have to worry about running out of fuel while on the road or worry about searching for an accepting location. As an added bonus, drivers can get routine maintenance to keep company vehicles in tip-top condition, saving the business time and money by helping to prevent breakdowns.

Fuel card specialists: Good customer service can make or break a company and should be a considerable factor when choosing a fleet card program. Studies have shown that 89% of consumers have stopped doing business with a company after experiencing poor customer service and fuel card companies are no different.

Fuel card specialists which have expertise on which fleet card programs will work for your company — are a vital component to successfully implanting a fuel card program. “The CSI staff has been so helpful and very prompt to answer any questions I may have,” Chelsea Skaff, Home-Tech.

Fuel cards are an excellent tool to prevent unauthorized purchases, improve expense reporting and offers flexibility for fuel purchasing supported by industry leading fuel card specialists. Implementing a fuel card program is a smart business move and will allow for fleet managers to gain control of their fleets. Simply put, “I would definitely recommend CSI’s fleet fuel program to any company looking for a modern, reliable fleet company,” says Chelsea Skaff, Home-Tech.

The global-fleet fuel card is your ultimate tool for managing all your fleet’s fuel and maintenance expenses.