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When fuel prices drop, many business owners think that fuel cards are no longer needed. After all, what’s a few cents savings on a gallon of gas when fuel prices are expected to dip below $2 a gallon throughout the New Year? Truth is, when fuel prices are at their lowest, a fuel card may bring your business even more savings.

Here’s how.

Your driver has a monthly fuel allowance that hasn’t yet been adjusted for the lower gas prices. Your driver pays for his fill up like usual. Since his overall monthly fuel spend is lower, he decides that you’ll never know if he goes inside and adds a six pack and some snacks. His total monthly spend is still lower than before, so no red flags are risen. Perhaps your driver even brings their personal car to the pump and adds an extra tank of gas on you. You’ll never know because his spending pattern hasn’t really changed.

Fuel fraud is more common than you think. According to a recent survey, 18% of fleet managers have experienced fraud or misuse. Implementing a fuel card program puts control back in fleet manager’s hands.

global-fleet fuel cards allows fleet managers to decide:

  • Who is authorized to make purchases – whether a card is unique to a specific driver, or can be used by any authorized driver of a particular vehicle
  • How much they can spend – with spending limits based on the employee’s job role
  • Where they’re allowed to spend – i.e. fuel only, without the ability to purchase convenience store goods
  • When they can spend – such as limiting fuel card purchases by time of day, day of week or even based on zip codes

Don’t allow your business to fall victim to fuel fraud.  No matter the size of fleet, there’s a fleet fuel card that works for every company. Fuel cards allow fleet managers to regain control, allowing businesses to reap the full benefits of dropping fuel prices – not offset those savings with added costs that are being incurred under the radar.

The global-fleet fuel card is your ultimate tool for managing all your fleet’s fuel and maintenance expenses.